Hopefully this January hasn’t been too cold for everyone living in the North Shore area, but if you’ve been staying inside because of the winter weather then it’s time to get out and catch some fresh air in February. Here are a few events that you, and your family, can participate in to add some spice to your daily routine.

Feb 7th: 7th Annual Business Awards

This year the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 7th Annual Business awards. Come join us as we celebrate the perseverance and commitment of business talent that exists within business communities! The Luminary Award will be presented this year as well, an award that is not normally given every year and presented only to those that have made a significant impact on the communities they serve! The cost is $75 and will be held from 5PM-8PM of February 7th. Don’t miss out on seeing some of the greatest attributing business entrepreneurs in your community!  

Feb 10th – 11th: Salem’s So Sweet Pop-up with Goodnight Fatty

Are you looking for something to take the edge off after working a long, stressful week? There will be a featured pop-up bar in Salem. You’ll be able to enjoy some freshly baked fatties and a glass full of beer. Two things that are sure to keep you relaxed for the night and wishing that these sweets were here to stay. Don’t miss your opportunity and make sure you stop by, even if you don’t stay for the fatties, you’ll end up staying for the cask beer!

Feb 13th: Free Business Counseling

Are you the owner or a small business and looking to get a better understanding of the market and prevailing conditions? No one is expected to know it all, so why not come join us? This counseling session is completely free, but it is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so you’d better act fast! This session will be hosted by Walter Manninen, a representative from the Small Business Development Center of Salem State college. This session will be held on the 13th of February at the Peabody Chamber of Commerce. Call 978-531-0384 for more information and scheduling!

Feb 14th: 4th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day

There are some people that look forward to Valentine’s Day each year, to be able to spend it with the ones they love, but for some it’s just another day. A day that can bring heartache from the reminders of people that have come and gone, and that’s why Longboards Restaurant and Bar wants you to come out and celebrate with those that share the same hardships. Whether it’s just another day or a bad reminder, come join Longboards for a night of drinks and trivia. You’ll be sure to have some fun!

Feb 26th: Indoor Farmers Market

Are you looking for a place to take the kids or maybe you’re just looking for a break?  Then come down to the Beverly Indoor Farmers Market on February 26th in order to enjoy some homegrown and homemade foods! There will also be a free craft activity table for families, and please make note that the Farmers Market accepts most forms of debit, SNAP, Cash and HIP benefits! So there’s no reason to miss out on an event like this! Located at the Beverly Franco American Club on 44 Park Street!