family under an umbrellaThe current life altering global pandemic has taught us all lessons… about life, priorities, and what really matters to us. COVID-19 has taken a toll on all us in so many different ways. Some of us have started working remotely, others find themselves unemployed, and still others have witnessed the loss of family members. It has changed us all in deeply profound ways. 

Shifting Priorities 

Our experiences over the last few months have most definitely caused each of us to stop and reflect on what is most important to us. It has taught us to prioritize our life. 

Finding ways to take care of our loved ones and showing them how much they are loved is one such thing that most of us have considered since this pandemic emerged. One way that we in the insurance industry have seen this play out are many calls checking on life insurance coverage. 

While every life insurance coverage is different, and your specific situation may have stipulations in your coverage, most life insurance policies would cover an untimely death due to the coronavirus.  As long as you were open and honest about your health and any pre-existing conditions in your initial application, you should be covered. 

man looking at planning board

Planning For the Future 

The initial panic of the transmission of this virus also has many of us planning better for the future. Many young couples and families are planning ahead for any worst case scenarios including the loss of a loved one. Updating guardianship, beneficiaries, and your personal will has become a priority. 

Researching and gaining access to life insurance has also become a top priority in planning for the future for many families. If life insurance was not on the radar before, it may have just moved into view. 

We have fielded many calls about applying for life insurance during this pandemic, and if it is even possible. Yes, it is. However, gaining a medical exam which is needed for coverage may have a long wait time so many agencies are including a wait period where clients can gain temporary coverage until the medical exam has been finalized. 

Being scared about what might happen if your family loses one or both income earners can jumpstart many into getting the life insurance coverage they have been putting off until later. Talking with an agent can help put your mind at ease and help you plan for the unthinkable. 

Although it may be a hard lesson to learn, taking the time to prioritize and protect your family in the case of your demise is a smart and loving thing to do. Talk to our agents today about what you need to do to get life insurance.