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Looking to minimize the material clutter in your life and donate to a good cause? We’re here to help.

Get rid of some clutter and give back at the same time. Before you write a check or bring a bag of clothes to a donation bin, look into local options and organizations who are directly assisting your region.

The North Shore of Massachusetts is a beautiful place to live for many reasons. Between dedicated community leaders and politicians, forward-thinking citizens, and a plethora of non-profit organizations who address the needs of the North Shore (Peabody, Danvers, Salem, Lynnfield, Beverly and beyond), there’s something special about the sense of community we have here. It’s the people like you, who seek out opportunities to help, that continue building on the camaraderie we share North of Boston.

You don’t need to volunteer your time to contribute–donations are an extremely purposeful way to give back to your local community. We’ve identified some of our favorite organizations we work with, and easy ways for anyone to assist these individuals do what they do best: help people. Whether it’s you individually, your household, of your office, you can do a donation drive, or contribute to one of the organizations below:

Tough Warrior Princess Survivor Baskets

Our office (27 Garden St. Unit 1B, Danvers, MA 01923) is the North Shore Donation Drop-Off location for Tough Warrior Princess, a support organization for women and families affected by cancer. These high-value “Survivor Baskets” go towards making cancer treatment and rehabilitation as relaxing and comfortable as possible while providing additional support for the women and families experiencing it. Click here to learn more about how to get involved, requested donations, and how TWP may be able to help someone in your life.

Citizen’s Inn Yard Sale

On May 19th, Citizens Inn will host a yard sale to raise money for their clients at Citizens Inn Transition, Inn Between, and Haven from Hunger. Join us in volunteering that day, or donate items for them to sell and put back towards the mothers and children supported by this amazing organization. If you plan to make a donation, they will begin collecting them a month prior, starting April 19th at 40 Washington St., Peabody, MA from 9-5 or by appointment. Call Bill at 978-531-9775.

  • Donate all your no-longer-taking-up-room kid’s stuff!
  • Suggested items include kid’s decor, books, strollers, pack and plays, high chairs, new clothing, toys!
  • They cannot accept stuffed animals, cribs, or car seats.

To learn more about Citizen’s Inn and how you can help, click here.

Ellis Square Friends

Ellis Square Friends’ mission is to provide clothing, food, and whatever resources they can to help the Friends survive, and in some instances get off the streets. Relying heavily on the local community for assistance, a team of dedicated, fearless volunteers serves dinner to the local Beverly population on Thursday nights and they have donations lining the inner wall of the church, free for patrons to take each week. While Ellis Square does provide volunteer opportunities, donations are just as valuable to the Friends.

If you are going to drop off donations to Ellis Square, we ask that you do so at one of their designated drop-off locations, or during the scheduled drop-off time at the church. You can also order and ship your donations. Click here to learn more and get connected.

Beverly Bootstraps

Another very accomplished organization based in Beverly, MA, Beverly Bootstraps was first established as a food pantry and has since flourished into a leading social service on the North Shore (including a really cool thrift store). Bootstraps is committed to the community; providing critical resources to families and individuals so that they may achieve self-sufficiency. All proceeds benefit the families and individuals who rely on the Bootstrap services. Click here to learn more. 


Are you or your business looking to get more involved in the community?

Our team takes pride working with our non-profit partners and encouraging each other to stay involved. If you’d like to join or research more organizations on your own, please check out our Community Outreach page and contact us with any questions.