Spring can be a tricky time of year; the weather is improving but not quite warm enough to do some of the more summery things we love to do. In an effort to help our clients get out and enjoy the awakening environment around us and the gorgeous region we live in, we have put together some of our favorite places to visit and things to do on the north shore in the spring. 

Singing Beach – Manchester-By-the-Sea, MA

Even if it is not quite swimming weather, Singing Beach is one of the more beautiful places to take a walk with friends or even man’s best friend. Hurry though, if you plan on bringing your pup for a romp on the sand that sounds like it is singing to you (thus the name), because dogs are only permitted until April 14th. Don’t forget to listen as you walk to hear the sand “sing.”

Rocky Neck Art Colony – Gloucester, MA

The Rocky Neck Art Colony, tucked along the back coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, is such a beautiful way to spend the day, whether you are a budding artist or just love being around the creativity that is practically palpable in the colony. There are three dozen artists who welcome visitors to their galleries at Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Art Colony. They love sharing their passion with visitors who are there to lazily walk the path, shop for souvenirs, or find one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes.

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA

If you’ve ever visited Crane’s Beach, then you have probably seen the grandeur of a seaside estate high up on the hill. This is Castle Hill on the Crane Estate preserved by the Trustees. The 59-room Stuart-style mansion is absolutely breathtaking and only part of the amazing 2100 acre Crane Estate. Along with four miles of trails winding along the ocean, visitors can take a self-guided tour of the first floor of the Great House or guided tours of the entire area. Plan a visit when you can tour the phenomenal cupola at the top of the Great House and see ocean and marsh views that are simply spectacular. April 13th and 14th are two of the open dates currently.  Don’t forget to stop at Russell Orchards on your way home, just down the street from Crane’s Beach, to get a warm apple cider donut to top off your experience.

The Danvers Rail Trail, Danvers, MA

A hidden gem of a rail trail winds its way along the north shore through Danvers and the neighboring towns of Peabody, Wenham, and Topsfield. The Danvers portion of the rail trail is a 4 1/3-mile non-motorized shared-use path linking schools, downtown Danvers, parks, and residential areas. It is ideal for walking, biking, or jogging. The trail is built along what was once part of the historic Boston to Maine railroad running from Newburyport to Danvers. Unique to this rail trail is the well-built boardwalk known as the swampwalk that ventures into the marsh area of woods. Children, pups, and adults alike will love this adventure, even in the cooler spring weeks.

Untapped History Walking Tour, Newburyport, MA

Untapped History is a historical walking tour company dedicated to sharing the unique and unconventional stories of Newburyport. The tour is led by two local teachers who are self-proclaimed history nerds. Their tag line is, “You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll drink.” They come through with their promise as they guide visitors on an hour-long tour starting at the Custom House Maritime Museum, through the picturesque waterfront, historic downtown, and finally finishing at Michael’s Harborside. While there, the tour gets a chance to sample appetizers and drinks from a century ago, including the specialty drink called the Rattle Skull. If you are looking for something a little different and lots of fun, Untapped History is a great way to spend a beautiful spring day.

What is your favorite place to visit on the north shore? We love exploring our beautiful coastline and seeing what fun we can find. Let us know your hidden gem location and why you love it.