Oh no! You have to make a trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles! The RMV is one of the more dreaded places to visit. But your license needs to be renewed or your car registration needs transferring. So you have to make the trip and you’re bracing for the worst. 

If you equate this task with other tasks like getting a root canal or visiting the doctor after a long hiatus, then you are probably looking for some tips on how to navigate the trip without any hassles. Thankfully, there are some tricks to making the visit to the RMV a successful one. 

Knowing the paperwork you need ahead of time, and understanding what you are up against is the first step in making your RMV experience less tiresome. Let’s take a look at some of our tips to make your next visit a successful one. 

Go Online First 

Our first suggestion to anyone who needs to get anything done at the RMV done such as applying for a driver’s license, getting your permit, transferring a car title, registering a vehicle and changing your insurance over, to name a few,  is to go online to their site first. They have a huge list of resources that can answer your questions from how to get a handcapped placard to what ID requirements you need for the new Real ID. 

Check Alternative RMV Options 

Do you have AAA? If so, you may be able to skip the often long wait times at the RMV and visit your local branch. There you can get all the same paperwork and do many of the same actions completed that you would at the RMV. Check here for your RMV services at AAA

Check Wait Times 

If you have to go in to your local Registry then you should take advantage of their online “real time” wait times. Check the RMV website for “real-time” wait times at specific locations.

RMV regulars know that there are certain times and days to avoid waiting in longer lines than normal. For example, avoid going to a customer service center on Fridays, Mondays, or the day after a holiday. You may also want to avoid the last few days of the month when people with credentials expiring that month realize they need to do this errand before the month is over. 

Reasons NOT to Visit The Registry

Did you know that you don’t need to visit a service center to simply return license plates. You can cancel the plates online at www.mass.gov/rmv and get a cancellation receipt for insurance and excise tax purposes. Did you also know that there is a list of services that can be done online. Check out if your service is listed and then you can skip the trip altogether. 

Phil Richard Insurance also offers a runner who can take on the burden for you. Ask at our office how we can help.

Mistakes To Avoid 

One very common mistake that visitors make when heading to the RMV to get the new Real ID license is to bring paperwork that is laminated. The RMV cannot accept any laminated documents because the computer hardware scanners cannot scan them. Make sure documents are not laminated.

If you are headed to the RMV, be sure to plan ahead and definitely check out the online wait times and list of paperwork required in advance. That way, you don’t get there and find out you have wasted the trip. 

The Phil Richard Insurance website also has a convenient list of RMV shortcuts to help you out as well.