tablet shoppingIt is a gross understatement to say that small businesses are being greatly impacted by the rapidly growing COVID-19 global crisis. We have seen story after story on the news of small and medium sized businesses that have shuttered and workers who are now forced to work remotely. 

While many have been able to shift working from “in-office” to remote, many do not have the luxury to do so. Restaurants, small “mom and pop” stores, and businesses that are deemed “essential” are finding new and innovative ways to conduct business. From offering delivery services, to curbside pick ups, it is amazing to see our small business world adjust and evolve even in a time of utter devastation. It is truly American innovation and “can do” spirit at work. 

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration 2018 Small Business Profile, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, providing jobs for more than 58 million employees. Right now, many of those small business owners are trying to figure out how to adjust to moving their businesses online while others are worried about how to pay their dedicated employees. 

For many small businesses, a crisis of this volume can be challenging, to say the least. There are some steps that we, as consumers can take to help. Here are a few ideas… 

Shop Online 

If the small stores and businesses in your local area are offering online services or products, be sure to patronize them. Start your birthday, holiday, or anniversary shopping early and get everything delivered to your door. Now is a great time to check out the great deals and products. Your purchase could be a win-win situation. Not only will you get a jump start on your shopping during this quarantine time at home, but you will be helping a small business that needs consumers now more than ever.

gift cardBuy Gift Cards 

Since going out to eat is not an option in our area right now, we suggest buying gift cards. This gives an infusion of cash to local businesses that they desperately need and you will be able to use the cards once the virus crisis is over. 

take out mealOrder Takeout or Delivery 

Many towns across the U.S. have implemented a mandate to close restaurants for eat-in options, pushing for takeout or delivery as the safer and more sanitary alternative. Consider supporting a local restaurant near you by ordering delivery. Be sure to tip your delivery person as a huge thank you for remaining open and being a source of hope for our communities. 

Leave a Positive Review

Now, more than ever, our local merchants need help. Positive reviews especially when they are staying open through delivery or another unique method can really help boost the SEO and ratings online for these businesses.  

Do your part in helping support our local economy. Try one of these methods to lend a hand and reach out to our community businesses in need.