Small Business Resources

Getting Started With Your Small Business

When first starting your own business, time is precious and resources are limited. As a small, local business, we wanted to provide helpful resources for our clients and colleagues on the North Shore of MA and beyond.

No Budget For Marketing?

Overwhelmed wih starting a new business and marketing it as well? Even after 30 years in business, we find ourselves trying to keep up with all you need to do to market effectively. To make life a little easier for you, here is a link to some marketing tools we use and love.

Community Outreach

Helping the community helps your business, at least it has for us. If you’re looking to get involved, we’d love to have you.

Follow this link to see how you can add another sense of purpose to your business and life.

In Need of Some Help?

Lots of new business owners seek the help and advice of successful mentors.

Here’s a list of small business websites and programs that can help guide you on your way.


Need some help getting started? We’re here for you.

Calendar of Events

There are lots of events happening on the North Shore of MA. Peabody, MA has a very active Chamber of Commerce right along side Beverly, Salem, and Merrimack Valley. Sometimes it’s hard to find them so we’ve done our best to compile a list of the upcoming events for professionals in Peabody, Danvers, Beverly, Salem, Boston, and beyond.

Up and Coming Professionals

While there are many established, successful businesses on the North Shore, there’s always room for newcomers. The Young Professionals aim to meet for light food and drinks about once a month. They invite anyone under 40 interested in growing their professional network to join in their free events. To stay up to date on future events, follow the link below to sign up for the email list.

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Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Most likely, your business is still highly vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

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