Do you have a special event coming up soon? A wedding, retirement party, employee retreat, graduation event, or perhaps a religious celebration is on the calendar and fast approaching? Whether you are hosting a black-tie event or a backyard baby shower, you may want to consider putting one more thing on your checklist – insurance for your event.

Special event insurance is something that every host should consider, as it is a precaution that can save you thousands of dollars and help you potentially avoid liability lawsuits that could follow you for years.

Why is Special Event Insurance Needed?

No one really wants to contemplate that things could go terribly wrong at an event, but it can, and does, happen. Attendees slip, fall, or get injured at a venue. Servers could have an accident. And if there is alcohol being served, there are a whole host of issues that could put you or your business in peril. Many components come together to make your special event happen, and that means that any number of things could go awry. Special event insurance is a critical financial protection against the elements that you simply can not control.

What is Included in Special Event Insurance?

Event Liability:

If you or your vendor, say the band you hired, cause damage to the venue, you may be held responsible for the cost of repairs. If someone gets injured during the event, you may be liable for medical expenses. General liability can protect you (or your business if it is a company event) from property damage or injury during your event. So if someone gets a little wild dancing at your event, or grandma slips on a spill, you will be covered. Many venues already require that you have insurance but even if they don’t, think about it before the unthinkable happens.

Liquor Liability:

If your event includes access to alcohol, you will want to seriously think about liability insurance that will cover you in the case that an underage person is served, if a person who is intoxicated causes damage, or if an intoxicated person is injured during the event. Every insurance coverage is a little different so be sure to discuss with your agent what exactly is covered in your special event insurance to see if it matches what your needs may be.

Cancellation Coverage:

If you need to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances or if one of your vendors, like a photographer, needs to cancel, your insurance can help cover you for any lost deposit or expenses that are incurred when you need to find a new vendor at the last minute. Be sure to check your policy to find out what types of situations may or may not be covered.

Your event should be fun and everything you want it to be. Thinking about insurance is not meant to be a drag but, rather to put your mind at ease and let you truly enjoy the event knowing things will be covered in case the worst happens. In our world of “sue the pants off of ‘em” it is important to cover yourself even during happy occasions. If you need help with a special event coming up, call Phil Richard Insurance at 978-774-4338 or visit our website.