Phil’s back in the kitchen this month doing what he loves. This time he has created a quick, easy, and nutritious salad for us using seared scallops, peaches, and goat cheese. 

Whether you are cooking for family or having guests over, this salad will surely awaken the taste buds. It is the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors, and just the right mix of warm melting goat cheese and cool crisp spinach and cucumbers. Hungry yet?

Once you have gathered your ingredients, this meal takes mere minutes to prepare the salad fixings, sear the scallops, and whip up the dressing. This recipe can be adjusted easily for larger groups or an intimate dinner. You can also add more spices to the scallops to get the right amount of kick for your taste. 

scallops on salad


Salad Fixings:

  • 2 C Chopped Organic Spinach 
  • 1 Can Artichoke Hearts (in water not oil)
  • Pickling Cucumbers (amount to taste) 
  • ½ C Sweet Onions Sauteed (Vidalia) 
  • ½ C Sauteed Mushrooms 
  • ½ C Asparagus
  • 2 Whole Red Peppers 
  • 1 or 2 White Peaches 

Cheese Ball and Scallop Toppings:

  • Tube of Goat Cheese (2 TBSP per Salad) 
  • ½ C Pistachios
  • 5 Dry Sea Scallops (per number of salads) 
  • Chef Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic Seasoning 

Dressing Ingredients

  • ¼ C Olive Oil
  • ¼ C Balsamic Vinegar
  • A Pinch of Kosher Sea Salt
  • A dash of Tabasco Sauce 
  • A few Basil leaves chopped finely
  • 1 Squeeze of Lemon Juice 
  • ½ Tsp Dijon Mustard 


  1. Start by sauteing the sweet onions, mushrooms, and asparagus in a pan.  
  2. While the veggies are cooking, take the two peppers, dice them, and put them in foil to broil in the oven until they turn black. Once they are done you can take them out and remove some of the outer blackened skin. The skin can add a tart taste that will balance out the wonderful sweetness of the pepper itself. 
  3. Once the veggies are all done and still warm, dice and toss the spinach and cucumbers. Slicing into thirds seems to work well. 
  4. Add diced artichoke hearts to the cool salad while keeping the warm veggies aside for now. 
  5. Prepare the goat cheese by rolling 2 TBSP of each in finely chopped pistachios. Make sure all the edges and sides are completely coated. If you don’t like pistachios any nut will work such as walnuts or peanuts. 
  6. Add the warm veggies to the salad and place the goat cheese on top so it will melt on top of the salad. 
  7. Sear the scallops using oil, a pad of butter, and a seasoning called Chef Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic Seasoning. It is somewhat sweet but has a little bite. 
  8. Make the dressing by mixing the Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Tabasco Sauce, Dijon Mustard, Basil, and a Dash of Kosher salt. Use a few tablespoons on top of the salad. 
  9. Add the white peaches to the top of the salad. 
  10. As an added “wow” factor, pour the leftover sauces from the scallops right on top of the scallops. 

We hope you love this month’s “Phil’s Famous Recipe” as much as we do! Let us know how you like it in the comments below.