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Winter Storm Warning! Tips to Keep You Safe and Prepared

Winter Storm Warning! Tips to Keep You Safe and Prepared

It's that time of the year--another winter storm is upon us here in Eastern Massachusetts. As your local insurance agent, we feel it's our duty to relay some guidance on how to prepare for the inclement weather and prevent a claim on your homeowner's insurance during...

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What’s Happening on the North Shore This Month?

What’s Happening on the North Shore This Month?

May 2nd: Be a Friend, Be a Mentor Are you interested in helping other people? Maybe you just want to contribute a little something to the community. Become a mentor and welcome a youth into your daily routine. Participate in community activities together, play cards,...

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The last piece of the puzzle?

You need an agent you can rely on.


Everything you’re working for needs to be adequately protected, otherwise that second home or retirement may be out of the question. We find having an agent you trust is often an afterthought, but it should be the first one. It can make or break your life and business.


If you have any questions on your coverage, we will help you. We offer competitive products for your home, flood, and auto, as well as many industries including Condo Associations, Non-Profits, Artisan Contractors, Restaurants, Auto Body Shops, Gas Stations, and more. Talk to us about your life today.

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