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Auto Insurance

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of auto insurance options available here in Massachusetts. We carefully explain the alternatives so you can make the most informed and affordable decision. From accident forgiveness to annual mileage discounts, our experienced agents will create an all-inclusive auto insurance policy just for you.

Home Insurance

Whether you’re a homeowner, condo owner, or renter, are you due for a coverage review? Or are you a first time home buyer looking for a strong relationship to grow as you do? Our agents are experts in insurance coverage needs of MA and New England homeowners. If you have any questions about your home insurance, contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Condo Association Insurance

Condo Associations need master policies which cater to their specific needs. Our agents specialize in helping Condominiums keep themselves as well as their tenants protected, talk to us today about your master policy.

Business Insurance

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups need specific insurance coverage to get started off on the right foot. We’ll educate you, and help gear up any insurance needs as your business grows. Work with us to design a plan that’s tailored to your business, and talk to us about any additional business support you may need.

We make insurance personal.

Insurance is one of the most important purchases in your life.

We’re a local, family run agency striving to be a valuable resource for you, not a hassle.

You need to feel confident in your insurance choices and relationship with your agent. We are here to help you get there. If you’ve got something to protect, talk to us, we’ll get to know you and find the right coverage for your situation.

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The last piece of the puzzle?

You need an agent you can rely on.


Everything you’re working for needs to be adequately protected, otherwise that second home or retirement may be out of the question. We find having an agent you trust is often an afterthought, but it should be the first one. It can make or break your business.


If you have any questions on your coverage, we will help you. We offer competitive products for many industries including Condo Associations, Non-Profits, Artisan Contractors, Restaurants, Auto Body Shops, Gas Stations, and more. Talk to us about your small business today.

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