What Happens When You Send An Insurance Referral?

You’re helping the community. Shopping local allows us local businesses to support one another. One way we do this is through our referral rewards. Send a referral to Phil Richard Insurance and we’ll send you a gift card to a local restaurant/cafe.

Know a friend looking to shop their insurance? Frustrated about their nonresponsive property & casualty agent? Renewal is coming up but not enough time to shop around for themselves? Not sure they’re getting the best rate? These are some of the reasons our clients and colleagues send their friends to us. We solve those problems for them at no extra cost.

New customers come and existing clients stay because they want an agent they can depend on. Because we are an independent agency, many believe our services cost extra–it’s loyal friends like you who help them understand independent agents help their clients save money by offering multiple company options instead of one.

Your loyalty to Phil Richard Insurance means a lot.

We depend on your support, so when you help us out, we want to pay it forward to you and the community! This is why we’ve teamed up with local establishments such as New Brother’s Deli (Danvers, MA) and Breaking Grounds (Peabody, MA) so you can make the most of your reward.

When you send a referral, you will receive an email with food & drink gift card options to some of our favorite restaurants and coffee shops on the North Shore.

Your referral goes to:

  • Helping your family, friends, and colleagues with a peace of mind
  • Adding value to your brand by providing your client a reliable, local property & casualty insurance option
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Building your community
  • Strengthening local relationships

How It Works

When you send a friend our way, whether it’s online, through email, or phone, 978-774-4338, make sure they let us know you referred them.

In a few days after they’ve contacted us, we’ll send you an email with gift card options for local restaurants and coffee shops. Once you’ve made your selection, look out for your thank you card & gift certificate in the mail! Of course, as your referrals to PRI grow, so does your reward.

Thank you for your continued support of Phil Richard Insurance, your referrals are the life source of our business. Every time you choose to do business with a company, you are voting for them. Thank you for all who ‘vote’ for us!

Want gift cards from your restaurant or cafe included in our insurance referral rewards program? Contact us for more information.