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If you have watched any television lately you know that there are a million commercials about auto insurance, life insurance, and homeowners insurance. It seems like the companies have some amazing taglines and jingles that stay in your head long after the commercial is over. 

Insurance matters when you are dealing with the death of a loved one, a car accident, or suffer damage to your home. The jingle you heard on the radio or television commercial may have been a catchy tune, but will they be able to handle your insurance claim in a compassionate, timely, and personal manner? 

As a local insurance agency on the North Shore for more than three decades, we know the surrounding communities, and we meet in-person with many of our clients when issues arise. Here are a few reasons why we think working with a local agent is in your best interest when it comes to your insurance needs. 

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The Capability to Shop Around 

As we mentioned, there are a multitude of insurance companies vying for your business. Local independent agents have a distinct advantage when it comes to finding the best deals for our clients. Independent agencies represent multiple insurance carriers and use them to shop the policy around and find the best coverage/price combination for each client’s needs. Generally, if there is a problem or a change is needed, your agent will handle the task. The customer also has the option to contact the company directly.

The Personal Touch 

Have you ever tried to connect with an agent at a larger corporation like one of the major insurance companies and gotten the runaround? The computerized phone systems are enough to drive even the most patient of us a little bit crazy. 

In a world where everything seems digitized and automated, local insurance agents stand out with the ability to provide a more personalized touch. Unlike the larger insurance corporations which have hundreds of agents who juggle many calls all day long, when a customer calls a local agent they will most likely talk directly to the same agent each time. In fact, many of our clients enjoy that they know who to ask for and have gotten to know their agent over the years. This personal touch makes doing business with people in our community more of a labor of love than just filing insurance claims. 

As a local company, we also know the neighboring community, understand local issues and can anticipate when insurance claims will be made due to local weather issues, road conditions, or other factors that are happening in our region. 

Community Involvement 

One of the more rewarding advantages to being a local agency is that we have a chance to get involved in our community through non-profits, volunteer projects, and community outreach programs. Supporting our neighboring communities has been one of the joys of this agency. 

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