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This month, we have touched on a few issues in our industry such as filing a claim and what to do in a car accident that highlight how your insurance agent can help in times of need. This week’s blog is dedicated to some of the other ways that agents can help make your life easier especially when it comes to navigating the sometimes complicated world of homeowners, car, rental, and life insurance. 

Some of the larger insurance companies offer some great slogans, promises, and jingles. These are great, but one of the biggest selling points of having a local, independent agent is that they can provide the personal touch that the larger companies just can’t. This comes into play when you are looking for the best policy for your business or family’s needs. 

We Get To Know Your Business & Family 

We have some amazing clients across the North Shore of Massachusetts that we have enjoyed getting to know on a personal level. We learn about your business so we understand the type of coverage that is necessary to protect your assets and the same goes for your family’s insurance needs whether it is auto, home, or life insurance. 

In learning about your business or family structure, we can fully understand the coverage that you will need now and in the future. For example, your business may need general liability as well as auto coverage because you have recently started a delivery program due to the pandemic. We can shift gears as your company or family grows and evolves. 

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We Shop Around 

Sure, the internet has made looking for insurance quotes easier than ever, but without the expertise behind those computer generated quotes, you may not be getting the information that fits your specific needs. 

Our agents specialize in commercial and personal lines where we learn about your needs and research which products will best suit those needs. We make it our job to learn the uniqueness of your business and find the most comprehensive coverage that you will need at a price that works for you. 

We Help During the Claims Process 

As we mentioned in our previous blog on this topic, there is nothing better after an incident than having someone on your side to talk you through and guide you through the claims process. We know how frustrating and nerve racking this process can be so we stay with you through it all. 

We Make the Registry Easier 

During this time of social distancing, we know that going out and standing in long lines can be a struggle. Our in-office runners can take care of your insurance business at the registry for you. It’s just an added bonus of having an agent you know and trust on your side. 

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