Volunteering and becoming involved in community events and organizations isn’t just a good way to contribute positively to society but also to enhance your growing business. 

Phil, Patti, Jacqui, and all of our employees here at Phil Richard Insurance are committed to giving back to our respective communities. Whether we volunteer our time, our talents, or contribute monetarily, we know that our involvement can make an impact in both valuable and invaluable ways. Some of our community outreach includes groups like Haven From Hunger, Beverly Bootstraps, Walk to End Alzheimers, ALS Therapy Institute, Ellis Square Friends, Progeria Research Foundation, and the Northeast ARC

Today’s blog isn’t about us; instead, today we are hoping to encourage other small businesses to reach out to volunteer, spend time, share a skill, connect with other businesses, and foster a sense of community. The benefits can snowball quickly. Becoming involved or creating a way for your employees to become involved is not only a way to grow your business, solidify your reputation, and spread your brand awareness, but you will be having fun while helping others who need a helping hand. 

Choose a Program 

If you don’t know where to begin, we suggest starting with your employees. What programs, events, and nonprofits are near and dear to them? Maybe there is a family member that is fighting a disease or a cause that has some deeper meaning. Start there by supporting your employee and allowing for time to volunteer. You may want to choose several charities or start with one that anyone who wants to get involved with can. 

Give of Yourself 

It is one thing to say, “Let’s get involved” and yet another to coordinate volunteer times, monetary contributions, or other logistical details. Giving of time and talent is usually a useful way to get involved. Make it a company policy that your team may take paid days off a certain number of hours or days a month so that he/she can nurture a relationship with a nonprofit. Support the program in any way you can. 

Think Outside the Box 

Usually when companies begin a community outreach program they volunteer time and/or money. We suggest thinking outside the box. Maybe your office has space that can be used for a nonprofit event. Maybe your speciality can help develop a specific area of need at a charity? For example, some tech companies volunteer gently used computers and hands-on training to nonprofits who are in need of tech. A hair salon could volunteer their skills to providing hair cuts to the needy. Our list could go on and on. One thing that we have been doing here at Phil Richard Insurance is to help small businesses get started with our small business resources. Is there some special talent at your workplace that you could use to help others in your community? 

Check out our community outreach page on our site and get started on your own program. There really is no better feeling than working alongside colleagues for a greater good.