This month’s employee spotlight focuses on Kathy McDonnell. Twelve years ago a friend from Kathy’s church had been working at Phil Richard’s Insurance and was looking at leaving to become a stay at home mom.  Kathy was looking for a job change and while she has no experience in insurance, she had always enjoyed working with numbers so stepping into this bookkeeping/accounting part of the agency was perfect timing. Over the years her duties have branched out into other administrative duties, Patti jokes that Kathy takes on the things that she does not want to do.  Even when it is an area that Kathy is not familiar with, she is always willing to take on the challenge and research it to find a solution. Even with all the changes in the industry she strives to do her best much as her co-workers do, wanting to give nothing but the best to their clients.

When Kathy isn’t working she spends a lot of her time being involved at West Church in Peabody, MA. While she was a student at the University of Connecticut, she says God got a hold of her and she has committed her life to the church.  She is involved in both the music and women’s ministries. She is very dedicated to her faith, a faith that allowed her to travel to Russia on numerous occasions to share her beliefs with orphans and to help guide them. When not working or participating in church activities Kathy and her husband are delighted to spend time in their role as grandparents!  She is as committed inside the agency as she is outside of it.