This month’s employee spotlight focuses on Kathleen Bisazza, personal lines account manager at Phil Richard Insurance. Kathleen first got involved with insurance when a friend told her to apply at their office many years ago. Kathleen took an entry level position with policy records and worked her way up to her current position as a personal lines account manager. When she had originally started at Phil Richard Insurance, her twins had just began school and she was looking for a place to work full time that was also close to home. She takes her work very seriously and is diligent in making sure that her clients are happy.  Although keeping up with rates, 10+ carrier guidelines and exclusions it make it a challenge, she gets the job done and makes easy for her clients to understand.


Kathleen has a beautiful story. Despite living in Danvers now, Kathleen actually grew up in Lynn after being adopted at only six weeks old and moved to Peabody shortly after. Years later, in 2017 through social media, Kathleen was able to locate her birth siblings, many of whom were still in the area! She discovered they had grown up in Peabody and that her uncles and aunts grew up in Danvers. She was excited to learn that many of her cousins also live locally, too. She went from having a small family to a large one in a very short amount time. They were all able to welcome her with open arms, much as her family at PRI has.  


Even when she isn’t working Kathleen is still dedicated to answering any insurance questions that her friends might have. When she’s not busy answering questions about insurance, some of her less job-oriented hobbies include being around her family, shopping (always a great way to bookend the work day or week), camping, playing with her dogs and watching football (the Patriots, of course!). She’s an easy going and mirthful person in and outside of the office as seen by her family, co-workers and her friends, and PRI would be lost without her.