As part of getting to know our neighbors and businesses in our community, we enjoy spotlighting some of the businesses to help draw attention to the good work they do, or to have others become aware of their services. In past months we have spotlighted several nonprofits that support our community. This month in our community spotlight, we are taking a closer look at a business that can help individuals attain their life goals and dreams. Today we are proud to spotlight Regulate Yours Life Coaching.

If you are at a crossroads or looking to grow professionally, academically, or personally,  the sister team of Kristina and Arjana Makoci will work with you through their business aptly named Regulate Yours Life Coaching. Not only can they work with you to identify your goals but they will provide the tools to help you create a clear plan of action to attain them. 

What is Life Coaching? 

If you’ve never heard the terminology “life coach” before you may be wondering exactly what that is. Just like athletes need the experience, enthusiasm, and support of a coach to be successful, so too must everyday people such as students, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business professionals, parents, or anyone seeking to attain a life goal. Whether you just need a supportive team to help make your goals into an actionable plan or need assistance with something that is holding you back, a life coach can help. 

Regulate Yours: Life Coaching

Co-owners Arjana Makoci and Kristina Makoci make the perfect team for this endeavor. Arjana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Life Coach and Kristina is a Marketing and Business Specialist. They both have a passion to motivate and guide others through self-awareness toward each person’s growth goals. The services that they most often help clients with include: career coaching, stress management, relationship coaching, and budgeting. They often meet with teen groups, corporate teams, individuals, and couples to help them come up with plans to reach their goals. 

One of the programs that clients find helpful in transitioning from the teen years into adulthood is the Power Steps Curriculum. During this eight week course, youth will learn through self-awareness about the transition to adulthood. Topics that are discussed include: healthy habits, relationship building, stress management, critical reasoning, post secondary education, financial aid applications, college applications, money management, budgeting, and financial literacy. Wouldn’t it have been great if this was offered when we were struggling with figuring out what to do with the rest of our lives? 

Jacqui Richard, who works closely with the sisters, has this to say about their passion and commitment to help others achieve their dreams. 

“Regulate Yours is not your average Life Coaching business. They are filling the most important and overlooked gap in care for adolescents and adults; social and emotional health. Through their Power Steps Program, they’re teaching kids how to deal with their emotions, be empowered in them, and making a huge difference in their lives. The sister duo behind this vision are truly pioneers in their approach to help younger generations thrive and succeed in every facet. I think if the Power Steps program existed for every child, our society would be much better off and mental health would be substantially better. I do everything in my power to let people know who they are because I believe in what they’re doing, the people they’re helping, and that they are leading by example of what a for-profit business can do to be successful, purposeful, and have long-lasting effects that are positive on society. Phil Richard Insurance is proud to sponsor a student in their Power Steps Program because we know it has a large impact in the lives of these individuals and we encourage our colleagues in the business community to do the same.”  

 We invite you to check out their services and website to find out more about their programs so you can begin taking a careful look at your goals and how to reach them.