graphic for community spotlight GraVocOver the past year, we have dedicated a monthly blog to highlighting either a neighborhood nonprofit organization, a local business, or an individual who contributes to the positive culture of our North Shore community. This month, we take a closer look at GraVoc, a technology consulting firm in Peabody, Massachusetts. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have witnessed so many amazing people, organizations, and local companies join with their neighbors in trying to make our little corner of the world better, kinder, and more giving. GraVoc is no different in their outpouring of community help, balanced with their overall stellar business model. 

What Is GraVoc? 

GraVoc is a rapidly growing technology consulting company located in the heart of Peabody, Massachusetts. They focus on the design, development, and implementation of technology-based solutions.

With the slogan, “Our Business Is Your Success,” this organization has worked with a diverse group of clientele ranging from banks, credit unions, software and hardware firms, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service firms, and many other public and private organizations. 

In business for over 26 years, with well over 450 clients, GraVoc has one ultimate goal in mind, to make your company’s technology work for you. Although they offer many services including: software solutions, information security, information technology, and creative technology, they always have this in mind when working with their team and clients. 

Green Screen at GraVoc

Giving Back to the Community 

GraVoc loves supporting their neighbors especially during this unprecedented time in history. Using their unique skills in technology, GraVoc has been able to give back to local nonprofits like the YMCA of Metro North and Citizen’s Inn of Peabody. 

Both of these organizations rely heavily on the fundraising programs that they hold throughout the year. Unfortunately, these programs came to a screeching halt with the outbreak of the coronavirus early this year. 

The team at GraVoc was able to support the mission of the YMCA of Metro North and Citizen’s Inn by helping both groups host their own virtual fundraising events. More specifically, GraVoc was able to use their tech skills to assist them with the video logistics and website design of their virtual events.

The YMCA of Metro North virtually held their annual gala on September 17th, 2020 in lieu of having an in-person event. In light of recent events it was aptly titled, “Where in the World … Did 2020 Go? A Fancy Hat and Pajama Pants Celebration.” This fun event featured live entertainment, impact stories from Y members, as well as auctions and raffle prizes and was able to raise more than $150,000 to help support the Y’s mission of youth development. 

The GraVoc Web Development team created a website to act as the event ‘venue’ where users could watch the event. They were able to match the website design to the overall theme of the gala. They added features such as a countdown clock, sponsor logos, and created a single point of access for guests to be able to both watch the live event while still viewing raffle and auction pages. 

The Video Production team was able to assist with the live streaming of the event which utilized GraVoc’s in-office green screen studio. They were able to seamlessly combine live components with previously recorded video segments for a fun and entertaining evening. 

Citizen's Inn virtual gala

In addition to helping the YMCA of Metro North, the team at GraVoc worked alongside Citizen’s Inn to build a virtual platform to help bring their event to life. The event was titled ‘A Day of Heroes’ and took place on August 8th 2020. This particular event included live entertainment, exclusive tours, client profiles, cooking demonstrations, children’s music, story time, and much more. At the end, Citizens Inn was able to raise nearly $115,000 through their  event! 

In both instances, GraVoc was able to use its unique skills and talents to help community organizations to raise funds needed to continually support outreach in our neighboring communities.