This month, we are proud to introduce a community spotlight on the Goddard School of Middleton, Massachusetts. You may have passed our beautiful campus along picturesque Maple Street in Middleton and not realized the gem that it is. The Goddard School is not your average daycare. For over 30 years, the Goddard School has nurtured and cared for young learners. 

What is the Goddard School? 

The Goddard School offers care for children including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even before-and-after school care for school-age children. The faculty uses the most current methods to ensure that children have fun while learning what they need to know for long-term success both in school and in life.  

The F.L.E.X learning program or Fun Learning Experience means that students learn through play. A play-based curriculum allows children the freedom to have fun while discovering and exploring the world and their interests. Think of all those times when you were a child when you had fun exploring, imagining, creating, and pretending. You were learning all while having fun! 

Each classroom allows for a wide range of lessons including S.T.E.A.M. programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Promoting a passion for these areas, as well as literacy, will help children for years to come in not only their future schooling but also in their chosen careers and lives! 

In addition to the core curriculum, students have a chance to take part in enrichment programs appealing to their own likes and interests. This extra programming comes at no cost to parents. Goddard School’s curricula may include programs such as chess, coding, fitness, foreign languages, music, robotics, American Sign Language, and yoga.

What Makes Goddard Different? 

Patti and I feel it is important to get to know other businesses in our local community that are also family operated, active in the community, and stand out from the rest. The Goddard School is one such example of a North Shore business that we are proud to know and connect with personally. 


We met the Goddard School owners, Mark and Johann Hunter, in one of our networking groups and quickly recognized their dedication to building a strong model around a proven preschool and child care environment. Their commitment to providing top-notch childcare for working parents is not only their business but their passion as well. 

Mark and Johann have worked diligently to hire qualified, attentive, and loving employees. They invest in their teachers by providing valuable professional development in order to keep their teaching skills sharp and dynamic with the ever-evolving curriculum. Not only are the Hunters dedicated to providing quality childcare for parents and a welcoming environment for teachers, but they are also active in their community as well.

If you have child care needs and want one of the highest-quality early development programs in the nation, we suggest giving Mark and Johann Hunter a call at the Goddard School and checking out their programs.