Each month we highlight either a local nonprofit organization or an individual who contributes to the positive culture of our North Shore community. This month, in light of the massive upheavals to local and national business operations, we are shifting gears a bit. 

For September, we’ll be shining a spotlight on businesses that are adapting in unique and wonderful ways to provide much needed services during this global health crisis. This month we are taking a closer look at Beverly Bootstraps

What Is Beverly Bootstraps? 

Beverly Bootstraps is a vital resource to families and individuals in our region in their goal to self-sufficiency. They offer emergency and long-term assistance including: access to food, housing stability, adult and youth education, counseling and advocacy. They rely heavily on community funding and support.

Some of the most important roles that Beverly Bootstraps plays include: 

  • Providing food assistance to those in need. In response to COVID-19, prepared bags of food will be given to individuals/families in need based on family size. Each pantry client will receive two bags of food; one perishable and one non-perishable. By going to this model, clients will spend less time in the building and will not be touching any of the food as they had in the shopping model that had been in place prior.
  • Youth and Family services include: school supplies, summer camps, and a holiday gift program. Through the Kids Eat Healthy initiative, Beverly Bootstraps addresses the nearly 12% of northshore children who have food insecurities. 
  • Adult education that allows for skills training and a broadening of employment opportunities. 
  • Case manager support to assist with basic needs such as food, housing, heat, utilities, clothing and household items.
  • Tax preparation assistance for low-income households. 

girl with school backpack

How You Can Help

In this time of COVID, it is crucial that neighbors help neighbors. One of the best ways that you can help keep the food assistance and other programs going for Beverly Bootstraps is to donate. Donations could come in the form of food, clothing, kitchen items, vehicle donations, and of course, cash donations. 

While in-person volunteering is not always possible due to social distancing requirements, it is still incredibly important to help the growing number of people who are dealing with food insecurities and employment differences. 

One program that is being run currently is the Back-to-School Backpack program. This program has been supplying backpacks filled with school supplies to low-income children since 2001. The goal of this initiative is to help children start the school year off right with the supplies they need to achieve academic success. When kids head back to school this fall, whether in the classroom or through remote learning, many families – and likely many more than we have seen in past years, will need help providing their children with backpacks and school supplies. Please note that you must complete a Client Update Sheet before you can receive a backpack. For a printable Client Update Sheet, click here.