Spring is here, and you know what that means, right? Exactly, it’s time to start your spring cleaning before summer gets here! It’s right around the corner, and that means you need to haul out some of those old winter clothes and get ready for shorts and t-shirts. What does Spring Cleaning have to do with putting the spotlight on a non-profit organization? I’m glad you asked.


This month’s featured Community Non-Profit organization comes from Citizens Inn. They will be hosting a yard-sale on May 19th and accepting donations starting on April 9th! Give back to your community by donating some of the clothes that your children don’t fit into, or maybe you have some family-friendly books lying around the house that no one reads anymore. Don’t let your things gather dust, and don’t throw them into a trash can! Just remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


This will be Citizens Inn’s fifth annual yard-sale, isn’t that amazing? They’ve been giving back to their community for years and trying to pay it forward while encouraging others to donate rather than just toss something in the trash. Those old toys that your child no longer plays with might no longer have any value to them, but they could be the best thing ever to someone else! Maybe you want to go above and beyond for the community, and rather than just donate you want to become a sponsor! There’s an application to fill out if you’re looking to join their list of sponsors, be sure to print it out if you are able to and bring it to them in person!


Don’t forget that this event will run from 7AM until 11AM. If you’re looking to get the best out of this yard-sale then make sure you get there on time! The early bird gets the worm after-all, right? That’s all for this month’s Community Non-Profit Spotlight! We hope you’ll be there!