North Shore Cancer Walk by the North Shore Medical Center

This month’s community non-profit spotlight will be focusing on the North Shore Cancer Walk. Each year, some members of the Phil Richard Insurance team join “Carolyn’s Crew,” to walk in honor of Carolyn and all of our loved ones who have been affected. Summer is a great time to get in shape–what better way to do that than by participating in a walk for cancer?

It is known that there are various types of cancer all requiring different studies and treatments, but there are also a number of local professionals conducting research to treat patients and lower the probability for the risk of cancer, and that’s where the community steps in to help. While you may not be a scientist, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. This walk has been around for many years raising funds to bring advanced technology, research, and awareness to local North Shore Cancer Center wanting to help those around them.

Join Our NSCW Team, Carolyn’s Crew!

We invite you to join our team, Carolyn’s Crew, as we burn some fat while also fighting for an important cause. Any and all funds for this walk will be used for a new surgical robot that will bring advanced technology for prostate cancer surgery as well as benefit oncology services at North Shore Medical Center and the Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center, such as clinical trials and wellness care.

If you’re not available that weekend, we respect that! That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other opportunities you can take advantage of, such as donating online. Whether you know someone that’s battling or struggling with cancer or are struggling with it yourself, or even if you aren’t dealing with either of those, money isn’t the only way to show your support, but when put toward a local cause, a little bit goes a long way.

North Shore Cancer Walk Details

The event will be taking place on June 24th at Salem Willows Park in Salem, MA. Registration will begin at 7:30AM along with team photos and the purchase of WALK wear. If you’re interested in signing up your own team, you can register here. 

Our friends and colleagues are always invited and welcome to walk with our team, Carolyn’s Crew. If you’d like to join us that day, you can sign up here! Simply hit “next step” and select “join a team.” From there, you’ll be directed to pick from a drop-down list where you’ll select “Carolyn’s Crew.” The next steps from there are easy. We look forward to having you!