This month our community non-profit spotlight would like to take some time out to focus on Peabody Main Streets. This group focuses on bringing together their community through creating events for people throughout the summer. They embrace their diversity with the businesses located downtown and create festivities such as free concerts, pop-up markets and bars as well as making sure that they list these things on their website. It’s a fun way to find things to do during the summer whether you’re a local in the community or just touring through Massachusetts and looking for something fun to do!


This group works to bring together families of all ages and activities for everyone throughout Peabody! We know that sometimes finding things to do can be a bit of a challenge, and that’s why checking their website can give you the results you’re looking for. They have everything from free concerts, to golf, to visiting some of the historical places located in downtown Peabody! Sometimes it can take a little bit for our brains to reset after having worked for a long week or after having spent most of the year in one specific routine, but with the help of Peabody Main Streets there is a little something for everyone to help them unwind and relax once you’ve finally managed to get some time to yourself or with the family.


Go ahead and visit the Peabody Main Streets website for some activities, or maybe even check out their social media page for a bit more detail or to contact them directly!  Head out and show your support for your community and give some love to the people that are constantly working to develop and grow the downtown area!