a man driving and thinking about his auto insurance discounts

Drivers who want to reduce their insurance costs should partner with their insurance agent. They access many carriers and can often find significant discounts to reduce your premiums.

An annual insurance review with your agent may qualify you for any of these 9 Massachusetts auto insurance discounts.

Bundle Your Policies

When you insure your home and car through the same insurer, you’ll usually qualify for a discount. A discount may also apply if you insure multiple vehicles, a car and watercraft, and sometimes when you insure a car and have a concurrent life insurance policy with the same company.

Consider a Usage-Based Policy

“Pay-as-you-drive” programs with insurance companies often lead to insurance discounts. You install a telematics device in your vehicle which tracks driving behavior.

The insurance company offers a discount calculated on how you drive, the distance traveled and the time of day too. If you tend to put on few miles or drive outside of busy hours, it could reduce your premiums substantially.

Drive Safely & Avoid Claims

Maintaining a good driving record usually leads to insurance discounts, provided you avoid tickets, insurance claims, and accidents. Some insurers offer a discount in as little as 3 years if you prove you demonstrate you’re a good driver and don’t file claims.

Pay More in Advance

Rather than paying in installments, consider paying your entire premium or most of it in a lump sum payment. This often leads to an auto insurance discount since the insurance company reduces the cost of managing your policy.

Pay Online

Some insurers offer a discount if you pay your auto insurance premium online and opt for online statements. Electronic funds transfers reduce insurer costs and can lead to lower premiums for you.

Renew Early

Instead of waiting until your renewal date, consider doing it about 10 days ahead of schedule. Some insurers offer a discount if you do so.

Loyalty Pays

Jumping from insurance company to insurance company for a slightly lower premium may do you more harm than good. Most insurance companies offer customer loyalty discounts if you stay with them for a prescribed time. You may save about 6% just by remaining loyal.

Secure Your Vehicle

Installing additional devices beyond standard safety features often leads to insurance discounts. If you don’t have a car alarm or cut-off switch, you might want to install them. These measures reduce risk and often lead to lower premiums.

Don’t Ignore Life Changes

Life changes can definitely lead to insurance discounts. If you marry, pass an insurance age or claims-free milestone, change vehicles, move, or drive your car differently than you did before you could qualify for auto insurance discounts that weren’t previously available to you.

Talk to your agent or broker before renewal time. They’ll explore quality products and access discounts based on your life situation.

Don’t leave money sitting on the table when you could pay much less. An annual insurance review only takes a few minutes and could provide substantial savings.