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We know times are tough for many people. The unemployment numbers are staggering, and many of us are struggling to pay bills or put food on the table. Earlier this month, we examined a few ways that our clients could potentially save money on home insurance in light of the current financial situation. We thought it would be a good idea to do the same for auto insurance. 

If you own a vehicle, you know how important and necessary having insurance is. Fender benders and major accidents can mean medical bills, repair costs, and being without wheels for days at a time. Insurance can take care of all of that. 

That being said, once you get auto insurance, you should always revisit your coverage and ways that you and your family could gain some major discounts. Here are a few ways to save a little here and there on your car insurance. 

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Ask About Discounts

My mother always said, it never hurts to ask, and the same applies to discounts regarding auto insurance. Call your local agent and ask what discounts that may apply to your unique situation. 

Are you logging less hours in the car due to remote work? The benefit may not just be missing the Boston traffic, but also putting less miles on your car. Maybe you will qualify for the low mileage discount. 

Do you have a new student driver? Ask your agent about a discount for the drivers ed class, good student grades discount, or a defensive driving class that your child can take. Every little bit can help reduce your overall cost of auto insurance. 

Are you affiliated with any group that could qualify you for a discount? AAA members, AARP, and military families may qualify for a reduced insurance rate. Just be sure to show verification of belonging to the group. 


Bundle Policies 

Just as we mentioned in our earlier blog on home insurance, we suggest that you investigate any savings that you could acquire by bundling your home and auto insurance with the same insurance carrier. The savings can be upwards of 10-20% depending upon the company. 

And if your family has two or possibly three cars in the driveway, you could earn a multi-car discount by having them all covered under the same policy.

Change Your Deductible

Just like with homeowners insurance, you have a deductible on your auto insurance. You can save money on collision and comprehensive by raising the deductible. Again, remember that you will see savings monthly or annually depending upon your payment schedule, but you will need to pay more before the insurance company begins its coverage in the case of a claim being filed. 

Shop Around 

One of the major benefits of having a local independent insurance agent that knows you and your unique situation, is that they have the time to shop around for you and your insurance needs. Auto insurance rates vary by hundreds of dollars a year among insurers for the same levels of coverage, so it’s important to check rates.

Need to save a little money? Talk to our agents about any discounts or methods you could use to cut your rates down. We are happy to help and can advise you on what may work best in your situation.